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About this blog

Out of my passion for fitness, I decided I needed to not stalk other fitness blogs but just set up my own ­čÖé

I would like Fitness Chat to be a platform for women who lift, men who lift and just everybody else who is curious about strength training, supplements and everything else that comes with a hard body.

I hope I will be insanely┬áripped before I am 50 years old ­čśë


A little info about meShoshana Sue Fitness Chat


My name is Susan but I think the Hebrew version, Shoshana sounds much better so call me Shoshana OR Sue if you like.

I might say that I am obsessed with fitness, but then again I would rather not, as I do not want to be judged ­čÖé

Apart from fitness, my other interests lie in book reading, hiking, hairdressing, interior design and eating good food (cooking is not my thing really). When I subject myself to watching TV, I enjoy documentaries and reality shows but not the mind-numbing kind.

I like to create an air mystery around myself during social outings and will usually appear bored or leave without saying goodbye ­čÖé Another thing about me is that I love conspiracy theories haha.

I am a mum to two beautiful girls so my social life usually revolves around theirs.