A lot of people tend to hire a personal trainer when just starting out in the gym. There are other several reasons that people want to hire trainers.  Personal trainers don’t come cheap and if you are going to spend your money on one, you want to make sure they care more about your progress and goals than your money. There are good and bad trainers out there and you have to sift through the bunch to find one that fits your needs. Here is how to hire the right personal trainer:

Before you hire a personal trainer, you should want to know what YOU want first

It’s not the trainer’s job to define goals for you. You must know what you are looking to get out of the relationship and training program. Explain your goals to a few trainers and check how they relate to you, and you with them. A good trainer will listen to you and be straight forward with you about how you will achieve your goals. I have met trainers who talked more about themselves, how they trained, what they ate and pretty much cared less about what I wished to accomplish with them.

finding the right personal trainer

Is the personal trainer certified?

Do not assume that as long as someone says they are a personal trainer, they are actually qualified. In this digital age, anyone can obtain certification overnight and call themselves a ‘certified personal trainer’ or ‘coach’. It is your job to ask where they studied, the accreditation of the qualification, what they studied etc. If you are not comfortable with asking them directly about their education, approach the gym management and ask for the trainer’s credentials.


How to Hire the Right Personal Trainer: What is their experience?

Having the right qualifications isn’t enough. The trainer must have real-world experience in the field. Ask them questions. Find out how long have they been in the fitness industry. Ask about the clients they have worked with.You should as well request for the success stories and the ‘before and after’ photos of their clients. Whatever your goal, find out how many clients they have trained in that particular area and the time it took to achieve the results.

how to hire the right personal trainer

How to Hire the Right Personal Trainer: How do they relate to their current clients?

Observe the trainers when they are working with their current clients. You would be surprised at how many trainers I have seen who do not respect their client’s time. I have seen trainers who spend half the time chit-chatting with the client or with the people around them. There are also trainers who don’t pay attention to the client and are constantly texting on the phone. I have also seen trainers who are impressively engaged with their clients. A great and professional trainer will focus their attention on the client during their paid-for sessions.

How does the personal trainer intend to hold you accountable?

If your goal is weight or fat loss, the trainer should be able to advise you upfront to make use of food tracking apps such as MyfitnessPal, Eat This Much etc. As the saying goes ‘anyone can workout for an hour, but to control what goes on the plate the other 23 hours, that’s hard work.’ A great trainer will ask that you track your meals and give them feedback at the end of every night.

Finally, how to hire the right personal trainer is only half the work. You are accountable for the results you want to see. If you put in minimum effort, you will get minimum results. Your goals must be realistic. Sometimes people want to see results overnight and expect miracles from trainers. When this doesn’t happen, they quickly give up and give trainers a bad name.


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  1. Great tips you have here – I like that you mention some trainers don’t appreciate their clients’ time.

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