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How to Stay Fit During Holidays

How to Stay Fit During Holidays

We all need that extra push to stay fit during holidays, after all, it is hard as it is to make healthy food choices and stay active all year round. The holidays are all fun and games until you pick up extra fat and must work harder to shed it off and that is often not easy. Regardless of how busy or lazy you may get during this period; you should find a game plan which helps you push through during the festivities.

How then do you stay fit during the holidays?


How to Stay Fit During the Holidays: Plan Your workouts in advance

‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. If during the year, you just go with the flow, the holidays becomes a vital time to draw up a schedule. It is hard to skip a workout that has been planned into the day’s activities. A workout calendar on hand will help you stay motivated enough not to miss your training.

Your holiday workout guide should be kept as simple as possible so that it is easy to stick to. If you are traveling away from home, and have no access to gym equipment, perform body resistance routines, invest in exercise equipment that is easy to travel with (resistance bands, ankle weights, etc.) or just go outside and walk or run.

Stay Fit During Holidays: Plan your meals ahead of time

Planning well ahead of time should not only be restricted to training. Meal prepping is essential to ensuring that you consume normal or fewer calories, days before you have the treats. If for instance you have a family Christmas lunch and you know you will go into surplus, you could cleverly eat way fewer calories a day or two before the big lunch. You could also just plan to fill your plate with more veggies and protein than with carbs.

Train before or after the cheat meal

There have been different opinions by the gurus on whether to train before or after the ‘cheat’ meal. Training before the cheat meal has often won this debate.  Whatever route you decide to go with on this one just make sure that you DO train because people who achieve results do something specifically to achieve those results!

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