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7 Running Tips for Beginners

7 Running Tips for Beginners

Setting out to road or trail running can be a complicated mission if you do not have the basic running strategies in place. Running becomes enjoyable when you learn the few tricks there is to it. Following these 7 running tips for beginners will help you experience that runners’ high in no time.

1. Invest in the right shoe – Best Running Tip

Take time to shop around for a good pair of running shoes. A great run is determined by how comfortable your feet are. With an ill-fitting shoe, you will not go far; you might even hate the sport instantly. Look for brands that are known for comfort as well as quality. Importantly, increase the running shoe size by one and half of your normal pair.

best running tips

 2. Shorten your strides

Be efficient with your runs by shortening your steps. Not only will this help you prevent injury, it will, in turn, save you a lot of energy as long strides consume more energy than necessary.

3. Blister proof your feet

Blisters can be excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable either during or after a run. It is wise then to prevent their formation by applying a thin layer of lubricant. Lubricants such as petroleum jelly are a runner’s go to. Also, to prevent chafing between the thighs, it is a wonderful idea to apply the preferred lubricant to that area of the body especially if one is overweight.

4. Build and strengthen your leg muscles

A strong lower body will immensely improve your performance. You can build stronger glutes and hamstrings by doing a variation of lower body exercises such as lunges, squats, deadlifts etc. Your speed will increase which will be a plus for you if you are a sprinter and if are a marathon participant, strong leg muscles will give your endurance level a huge boost.

5. Master breathing technique

Deep belly breathing, and not through the chest, is recommended in order to improve athletic performance. Inhale through the nose and mouth. The mouth should be kept open to allow the air to flow. Ideally, you should match your breathing to your strides if say you take three steps, then you should exhale for the same amount. Practice your technique until you determine which stride and breathing pattern works the best for you.

6. Strengthen your core muscles

A strong core is as vital as a strong lower body. Abdominal and lower back muscles make up core muscles which are responsible for balance and stability. During your leg training routine, core exercises should as well be incorporated. Planks, crunches, deadlifts and hip thrusts are some of the good workouts for the core.

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7. Find a running buddy

running tips for beginners

While some people enjoy running with a buddy, others prefer flying solo. If you need motivation or simply some company, a running buddy is the way and not only that, a running buddy is a safety net should anything go wrong. Read on running safety tips here.

The buddy system has its own pros and cons and does not work for everyone. If you do decide on having a friend to run with, ensure that you do stick to your original intention as most people here lose focus and turn the run into a gossip-walk. Remember you are there to run and not to pass time.


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