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Brands interested in marketing, product reviews, promotions or collaborations are welcome to email me at or phone: 071 943 5795

If you have a weightloss story, or are an athlete, personal trainer/ coach and would like to be featured on Fitness Chat, feel free to pop me an email.


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Fitness Chat sometimes publishes sponsored and featured posts. Sponsored posts will be indicated to highlight the fact and anything else will be marked as a feature, review, gift, or giveaway.


Occasionally brands do get in touch and ask for reviews on events or products. Please note that the reviews on Fitness Chat are/will be unbiased and honest opinions.

If the products are bought with my own money, that will be clearly indicated and so will be PR items which are sent to me.

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Fitness Chat may use affiliate links in blog posts to earn a small amount of commission. The affiliate links may appear in blog posts, social media, or newsletters. Please visit Fitness Chat’s Terms of Use here.

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