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What Essential Supplements Should You Be Taking?

What Essential Supplements Should You Be Taking?

I  attended a fitness seminar for women organised by  Ripped Femme. One of the speakers at the event was recognised weight-loss expert,  and creator of Ripped Femme, Don Gauvreau. Don is nicknamed ‘the supplement Godfather’ because of his in-depth knowledge and ability to continually develop and discover new and exciting dietary ingredients. I cornered him to chat with him about what he is best known for- supplements- and particularly asked him about what essential supplements should people be taking.

What essential supplements should everyone be taking?

Fiber supplement

Don also recommended the use of fiber supplements because they help improve the health of the gut. He stressed that digestive health is very important because an unhealthy gut compromises a lot of things such as weight-loss, intestines, and colon. It is, therefore, vital to keep the gut healthy as it has an effect on the health of one’s immune system.

Essential Oils: Essential supplements

Essential oils such as fish or flaxseed are quite good as Don explained but he also added that these don’t necessarily need to be supplemented as they can be obtained through food if one’s diet is bang on. “A lot of people though such as builders and fitness competitors, have restricted because of the very lean meats that they have to eat. They do not really t get a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their diet so they can supplement with the oils”.

what essential supplements should you be taking

Multivitamin/ Multimineral Supplement

A multivitamin/multimineral complex is also one of the essential supplements to take for anybody, Don said. He explained that this is because it usually is hard for one to get in the vitamin and mineral requirements solely from food, especially if one is exercising intensely as they will have higher vitamin/mineral requirements than the average person.

“From there it really depends on whether you have certain conditions or depending on what your goals are then you can fit in other supplements. People who are looking to lose weight and boost the metabolism might want to include something like a thermogenic product as well as a thyroid product. A lot of people might have an underactive thyroid. The thyroid gland is very important in terms of weight-loss and boosting metabolic rate. We have a glucose support which could be beneficial to people that have blood sugar issues or are insulin resistant. Our product can help balance blood sugar levels as it increases insulin sensitivity and that has a huge impact on weight-loss and just health overall,” Don explained.

Meal replacement protein supplement

A protein meal replacement supplement is very effective because it helps reduce sugar cravings. “A meal replacement is a good complex, staple every day supplement that will be beneficial in helping you recover from the exercise, as protein assists with recovery and muscle repair. You can either take it after exercise or use it as a meal replacement, almost like a snack in between breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because of the fiber in it, it reduces cravings, helps you feel full and balances blood sugar levels,” Don said.

The supplement Godfather also added that because of the highlighted benefits, meal replacement supplements are thus essential in aiding weight-loss.

“I am proud to say that we are releasing a new product in this range called the Ripped Femme Slim Smoothie. The smoothie is high in protein with the moderate amount of carbohydrates, a few healthy fats and a good amount of fibre as well”.

Essential Supplements

Essential Supplement: Concentrated Greens Powder

“A product that I personally use on a daily basis but do not officially recommend to people is the concentrated greens powder supplement. I am not sure if it is popular here in South Africa, but it is in North America where I am based. The greens powder is just a way to supplement your diet to make sure are getting enough vital nutrients from greens and vegetables because most people don’t eat enough vegetables or they are simply not getting enough quality vegetables”.

Apart from having Don Gauvreau talk to me about essential Supplements one should be taking, I also asked him about the supplements people are actually taking but going overboard with.

“A lot of people are taking too much protein. Protein powders and meal replacements are good to use but people are using too much of it. People have 3-4 protein shakes a day and that is just overkill. Eating a lot of whole foods and getting your nutrients from whole foods is the most important thing. The overuse of certain supplements is not a good thing and that is where people go wrong as they think more is better”. Don ended


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