Gym Dos and Don’ts – Your Gym Etiquette Guide

Gym  Dos and Don’ts – Your Gym Etiquette Guide

It’s January and gyms are starting to fill up with the “new year’s resolutions crowd”. Almost everyone can or is probably betting that this lot will give up on their new year’s fitness resolutions in a few weeks’ time.  Gyms are full of judgmental folks who think they are better than others, just because they are a few steps ahead in their fitness journey.The intimidation in most fitness centers is such a huge demotivating factor for the newbies and often results in them throwing in the towel. Some of the people who resolve to get fit or lose weight in the new year fail to stay on the grind, not because they lack motivation but because of the attitudes they get from the already fit crowd. At one stage, we all were beginners, without a clue on gym etiquette or how to use certain equipment. It is time to share a few gym dos and don’ts with newbies.

Gym Dos and Don’ts: Have a workout plan

When you are just starting out, consider hiring a  personal trainer, paying for a training plan or finding a resource for free workout programs. Don’t go to the gym and expect to just wing it. You are bound either be overwhelmed or sidetracked by everyone’s activity if you have no clue what you intend to do in the gym. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.


have a workout plan

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you are not sure how a machine works or how to do a particular exercise, ask gym staff. There might be someone helpful around that you could ask but do not assume that everyone is willing to assist.

Don’t start unnecessary conversations

Feel free to offer compliments if you admire someone’s training or physique but do not drag that into a long and pointless chat. There are people who do not like to be bothered or interrupted while they grind. Respect people’s time in the gym. This tip is one of the gym dos and don’ts that people very often complain about.

Gym Dos and Don’ts: Wipe down the equipment after use

Please do not leave your sweat on the machine or bench. Either wipe the equipment down when you are done or lay your towel on the surface before use. It really cant be any clearer than this.

Rerack your weights or unload the bar

gym do's and don'ts

If you use any free weights, please put them back in their appropriate places. If you use a bar, unload the plates on both sides.

Don’t hog equipment

If you need to take a rest, use your phone or have a chat with a buddy, be mindful of others and make room for them to use the equipment. Avoid doing super-sets during peak times.

People will always have gym pet peeves. If it is not common courtesy, just shrug it off. You are there to better yourself, don’t give up on your goals because someone wants you to work around their personal irritations. Remember to be nice to the next newbie and share these gym dos and don’ts with them.

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