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Muscle Soreness Recovery Tips

Muscle Soreness Recovery Tips

Muscle soreness occurs between 6-48 hours after you have fatigued your muscles during exercise. The good news is that the more frequently and consistently you train, the less soreness you will eventually experience. But while you are still building up your workout frequency, try these effective muscle soreness recovery tips.

Muscle Soreness Recovery Tips

The Best Muscle soreness Recovery Tips

1. Work through the pain 

Yes, this does sound painful but you have to work through the soreness in order to recover. Go lighter, reduce the volume of your workout. Active recovery training is an effective recovery tip from muscle soreness. You can repeat the previous day’s workout but this time with very low intensity and if lifting, with 50% less weight. You can also perform low-intensity cardio, Pilates or yoga. The soreness should not discourage you from working out. The more you move, the less pain you will feel.

muscle soreness recovery tips

2. Foam rolling

With foam rolling, relief comes through pain.  This self-massage method helps with relaxing the tight muscles. Foam rolling immensely improves recovery time, increases blood flow to the muscles and often improves flexibility by stretching out the muscles Use a foam roller post workouts while your muscles are still warm to prevent injury, spending a minimum of 60 seconds per muscle group.

3. Soak in an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt contains the mineral Magnesium which is absorbed through the skin when dissolved in a hot bath. Magnesium relaxes the muscles thereby aiding in muscle recovery. The Epsom salt Council recommends adding two cups of Epsom salt to a standard bath and soaking for at least 12 minutes to relieve sore muscles.

4. Stretch before and after workouts Muscle Soreness Recovery Tips

Warm up before training by performing dynamic stretching (stretching through movement) for at least 5 minutes to activate the muscles. Post workout, perform static stretching in order to cool down by holding the stretch for 20 seconds or longer. Without stretching, muscles will shorten and become tight according to Harvard Health Publications.




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