Ocean Basket Launches Nutritional Value Calculator & Fresh Summer Menu

Ocean Basket Launches Nutritional Value Calculator & Fresh Summer Menu

Living a healthy and fit lifestyle comes with making healthy and well-informed decisions about meals whether you are dining in or out. Being in control of calories on your plate is easy when eating in. We are, however, often not in control of the nutritional information of the meals we eat when dining out. Most restaurants do not provide the nutritional information of the items on the menu, despite their customers’ need for it. Ocean Basket is on another level when it comes to customers’ satisfaction though.

Ocean Basket Nutritional Value Calculator

On the 1st of November, Ocean Basket launched a nutritional value calculator which now allows its customers to make informed dining choices. The calculator provides customers with the nutritional info and the composition of all of its menu items. What is amazing about this new feature on Ocean basket’s website is that one can select plans meals in advance based on their daily calories intake.

Ocean Basket Nutritional Value Calculator

The nutritional info that is available for each item includes calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, sodium and fibre. All you have to do is simply pick your starter, main and dessert and voila, the calculator will work its magic. Say goodbye to guesswork especially if you track your meals on MyFitnessPal or similar tracking apps. Eating out has never been this exciting!

I fully agree with the Group marketing and menu exec for Ocean Basket, Jean Sloane who said that Ocean Basket has gone the extra mile by providing calculators that are simple to use on mobile phones. This way, Ocean Basket customers can know exactly what they’re eating, as they eat it.

Ocean Basket’s Mediterranean Summer Seafood Menu

Ocean basket summer menu

Along with the nutritional value calculator, Ocean Basket launched a fabulous fresh summer seafood menu offering a feast of Mediterranean flavours and an extensive new range of summer cocktail carafes.

The summer menu is fused with fresh herbs and tangy lemon and is full of colour and crisp flavours.

As people are inclined to order lighter meals when it’s hot, Ocean Basket has added several protein-rich salads to the offering: rich smoked trout salad with avo and sesame seeds; a queen prawn salad with halloumi, avo and sweet soy dressing; and a light tuna salad with fresh Mediterranean salsa.

Ocean Basket summer seafood Mediterranean menu

On the day of the media launch, we were treated to a wide selection of taste-sensation portions such as the new calamari bowl topped with rocket and Mediterranean salsa, Mediterranean rice balls created using halloumi and herb mayo; crumbless salmon and trout bites; and Spanish anchovies with a Med salsa.

For dessert, we enjoyed the new ice cream bowls with Turkish delight and those with a sweet tooth settled for the halva.

Ocean Basket’s Summer Cocktail Carafes

We sipped on Cosmopolitans, Margaritas or Long Island Iced teas, icy Mojitos, Pina Coladas and Strawberry daiquiris and enjoyed the positive and wonderful vibes that Ocean Basket provided for us.









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