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Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel: The Healthy Breakfast Experience

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel: The Healthy Breakfast Experience

A couple of days ago, I was invited by The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel in Sandton, to experience the most important meal of the day with them. The invitation to try out healthy side of the hotel’s super breakfast included a night’s sleep at the hotel.  I couldn’t take up the overnight offer due to my early morning mommy commitments, but I did get to enjoy a sumptuous brekky. Slide right in and experience with me the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel.

The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel

Situated just a few steps from the Sandton Gautrain station, the hotel is a business traveller’s dream come true. The Radisson Blu boasts of being literally a stone throw away from the train station as well as being a walking distance to all that Sandton business district offers, plus a breezy access to the OR Tambo airport.

The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel

Fast forward to me sitting down with you in the breakfast room surrounded by yummy food. The wide selection of eats at the Radisson Blu surpassed my expectations. The variety included all kinds of fruits on the fruit salad bar- even those currently out of season. I also noticed that they cater to the needs of those on the Banting diet.I must admit, this was not something I wasn’t expecting because not many hotels particularly business ones jump through such hoops. I found it quite special that the hotel goes to such lengths.  It must give that homely appeal to any visitor on a Banting diet I think.

If you are a carb lover, like many of us are, you certainly would enjoy the different selection of bread, cereals and muffins which are served up daily. Just as there are carbs to compliment the everyday Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel’s super breakfast, there are also plenty of delicious protein rich foods.

While most hotels offer natural honey, the Radisson Blu hotel has on a  large platter, the purest form of honey- raw honeycomb. I tell you I was thoroughly impressed by this and the good number of organic jams.radisson-blu-gautrain food

Beverages on offer include a wide selection of teas, coffees, smoothies, and my favourite for the day- the freshly squeezed juices. I sipped on a strawberry smoothie before I ordered my meal and also had a taste of the hotel’s smoked salmon. Both the smoothie and salmon were absolutely divine.

The Healthy Breakfast Experience

Now on to my healthy breakfast experience. I walked over to the hot food bar to ask the chef what they had on the menu and was pleasantly thrilled to hear him say, “It’s not about what we have, it’s about what you want. Name it and we will make it happen for you”. Oh, I died a little just then and went straight to food heaven. It turns out, the chef – Tyrone Kleynhans- didn’t say this to please me because I am a blogger. This I found out was just the hotel staff’s everyday attitude. Apparently, Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel employees operate on a ‘yes I can’ philosophy- whatever the customer wants, the staff will find a way to provide it.

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel: The Healthy Breakfast Experience

Back to me and my healthy breakfast experience. I asked  Tyrone to prepare for me a scrumptious Spanish omelette with vegetables and cheese and he swiftly served it up. I washed the omelette down with a freshly pressed orange juice which by the way I pressed myself at the juice bar.

The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel Overview

After the breakfast was over, I was given a quick tour of the hotel by my host. I instantly regretted not having slept over. Most amazing was the modern, spacious and well-equipped fitness centre. Of course, as a fitness blogger, I go crazy when I see fitness equipment. I was itching to jump into a workout just then but unfortunately, I wasn’t dressed for it.  I didn’t get to have the fitness experience in a gym that has one of the best views Sandton has to offer but I suppose that will be an experience for another day.

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel fitness center

The hotel overall is worth staying at if you ever find yourself on a business trip in Johannesburg or if you are on a hunt for a mouth-watering meal topped with a friendly atmosphere. The beautiful terrace pool with its seating space is where I imagined myself to be writing this article from.

Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel pool

I sailed through the rest of the day with a burst of energy, all thanks to the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel’s healthy breakfast experience.

Have you ever been to the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel? What was your experience?

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*I was hosted by the hotel. The thoughts shared in this article are my own.


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