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[Review] NikeWomen Live Event at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

[Review] NikeWomen Live Event at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

On Saturday, 28 January 2017, I attended the Nike+ Training Club (NTC) which was hosted by NikeWomen Live. Over 1000 women were in attendance and according to NikeWomen, this so far was the largest workout session in Africa!

It was fantastic to see so many women clad in workout clothes (Nike mostly) and ready to push past their limits for 90 long minutes. On registration, we were all given red Nike Pro tees which almost everyone changed into and that to me signified team spirit. We became a team- a team of women who believed in more, dressed in red and ready to fight for more. Well, that is just me and my weird analysis of things.

Nike Women Live South Africa
The NTC trainers

Anyway, the event finally started at 19:30 and there were cheerful roars from the crowd. We all wanted to do this, we were ready! Our workout stations included a mat, a foam roller, a branded towel and a resistance band.

After introductions of the NTC trainers, the training session kicked off. First was a mobility session led by NTC Trainer Simone. This also included a warm-up with foam rollers – and so began my love and hate moments with the trainers J . Foam rolling, I loved, loved and loved. Simone spread her infectious energy real fast and I was challenging myself to push even further but the more I challenged myself, the more I hated her because she never seemed to tire during her session. While I, on the other hand, was panting like a dog.

Next up was Ziyaad with strength session. I can write a book about how many times this trainer blushed. The girls went wild when Ziyaad came on. Why? Well, he is eye candy (the girls said so). He is chiselled in all the right places. His workout was tough but we barely noticed that part because he provided WONDERFUL motivation just with his physique alone.

Tag team Anele and Zaakirah winded up the experience with a heart-pumping endurance session. These two were blazing. I caught their fire and it was at this moment that I decided to spread their oomph with my blog audience. I went Live on my Facebook Page! Yep, it was that remarkable! Everyone was huffing and puffing during endurance – it was HIIT session followed by a breezy cooldown.

We had about 3 breaks during the workouts which included surprise live performances by artists Yanga and Khuli Chana and Busiswa. First up was Busiswa and she performed her current hit. I am not a huge fan of House music but I could see that the crowd went crazy with her performance.

NikeWomen Squad member and professional dancer and choreographer, Tarryn Alberts, also took to the stage with her crew. I can provide you visuals with what she got us to do – imagine 1000+ women twerking. All at the same time. In the same room. That is all I will say about the episode with the talented dancer Tarryn.

Caster Semenya made her appearance at the end and her presence reverberated into the space for minutes with the girls chanting “Caster, Caster!” before giving her a chance to speak. She thought we all looked sexy and congratulated us for killing the workout. She continued with an inspirational message encouraging the girls to do what they believe in with passion and most importantly, to believe in themselves.

Nike Women Live South Africa

All in all, it really was an evening of fun, I made friends and my body ached the following day.

There is just one thing I wasn’t happy with before the workout session started.  The invitation to the event had said that we arrive at 16:30 as registration was to start at 17:00. I arrived just before 16:30 and was delighted to be shuttled to the main auditorium. My joy was short-lived. 17:00 came and went, with no commencement of registration and no announcement from the organisers on what time they would open doors. Just after 18:00 registration finally started and after changing into the tees, we were ushered upstairs where somebody said (not announced) the event would only start at 19:30 and end just after 21:00. I feel someone should have communicated the time the event would actually start given that this was a Saturday and weekend hours are treasured by most.



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