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Spring Fitness Faves

Spring Fitness Faves

We are in the first month of the beautiful season, spring, down here in the Southern hemisphere. Warmer weather is upon us once again, and beautiful colours are blossoming all around us. Best of all, it is almost time to flaunt the fitness work we did on our bodies during winter, by rocking trendy fitness outfits. This flaunting of the ‘summer-ready body’ (which is ANY body that one is confident of) for me calls for a new fitness wardrobe, hence my spring fitness faves or fitness wishlist right here.

I haven’t updated my fitness wardrobe in quite a while save for a few essential items that I pick up at the beginning of each season.

There are some cute items that I have been eyeing online which are not wildly priced. These include a fancy Yoga mat, stylish water bottles, cute, comfy shoes, well-padded bras, funny workout tank tops, and some eye-catching decent leggings.

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My Spring Fitness Faves

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I haven’t really shared any home workout or fitness post in a very long time. This is because I recently moved house and between packing and unpacking, there had been really less time to exercise. I only got back on the grind two weeks ago and I am in the process of converting my drab garage into a home gym, thus my need for a fancy Yoga mat, among other things. I am really smitten by Gaiam’s reversible Yoga mats which are quite thick for the extra comfort. My home gym really needs one of these chic and colourful Yoga mats.

Gaiam Premium Print Reversible Yoga Mat

My Spring Fitness Faves: Leggings

As for the decent leggings, I mean just that. I have quite a few leggings that look fabulous on me but aren’t really decent when you step closer-they are see-through! So, while window shopping for leggings on Amazon, I was after trendy, inexpensive, not too thick and not too thin ones, and going by the awesome reviews, I think these are the best affordable leggings.



Drakon Activewear Leggings

Ancia Womens Tartan Active Workout Capri Leggings

My Spring Fitness Faves: Funny Tank Tops

I feel we all need some humour during exercise, whether it is from you and me, or from the person next to us. I found these funny print workout tank tops that I feel will hardly offend anyone when worn in public at the gym. The tees I picked really touched my fitness soul and quite soon, I would like to be spotted in one of these workout tank tops.

Tough Cookie’s Women’s Will Squat For Food Burnout Tank Top

Burnout Racerback Workout Tank Top

My Spring Fitness Faves

I hate bras, as most women do! Bonus, my girls not being too big, so, I usually get away with going through life without wearing a bra-hashtag -blessed haha. But, a big but at that, it is hard to go braless when wearing workout tank tops or just at the gym. My nipples just pop out and start saying hi to everyone in my way even when I am wearing a workout bra –check my Instagram if you don’t believe me! So, my wish list includes a bra that will get my nipples to stop waving at strangers-  the Champion women’s curvy sports bra, I feel will provide that extra padding.

Champion Women’s Curvy Sports Bra

As for the shoes and water bottle, they are just too pretty not to drool over. You and I need these too fancy items and buy we must.

Women’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes

Vogue Stone Water Bottle

What do you think of my spring fitness faves? I am curious to hear how often you guys update your fitness wardrobe, please share in the comments below.

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