Top 10 Fitness Chat Blog Posts from 2017 – The Year in Review

Top 10 Fitness Chat Blog Posts from 2017 – The Year in Review

As Fitness Chat turns one year this week, it is time to look back at what a year 2017 has been for this fitness blog and share with you the top 10 Fitness Chat blog posts.

Making this selection wasn’t an easy job particularly because plenty of quality articles giving no-frills fitness tips were published on Fitness Chat. South African fitness trainers and athletes shared valuable fitness and training tips, nutritional advice from qualified dieticians was dished out, and upbeat workout motivation tips, as well as brilliant suggestions for workout plans, were part of the buzz on Fitness Chat. Read on to find out which article made the list and also to recap on the best no BS fitness tips.

The Top 10 Fitness Chat blog posts from 2017

1. How to Maintain Weight after Weight Loss

Almost everyone who has lost weight will tell you that losing weight is the easiest part of a fitness journey while maintaining the new weight is the hardest. Most people gain the weight back down the line after losing it because they do not have sufficient information on how to keep the weight off permanently after weight loss. This post talks about the 6 effective ways to maintain weight.

Major Takeaway – “Firstly, how and why you lost weight is important in sustaining the new weight. If you lost weight to fit into an outfit because Mary’s wedding was coming up, then it will be harder to keep it off after the event. The same concept applies if you lost weight using quick diet fixes that are almost impossible to stick to in the long-term. Reason being, weight loss, shouldn’t be a goal, a fit and healthy lifestyle should be.”

2. Top 10 Personal Trainers/Coaches in South Africa

Once you make the decision to hire a fitness coach, you have to sift through several resources to pick a trainer who is more aligned with what you want to achieve.  But it is a jungle out there. This list of the top personal trainers in South Africa is essential to have at hand as it narrows down trainers who are most sought after in the land and also talks about how each trainer works with their clients.

Major Takeaway – “Craig Brown (South Africa’s number one fitness coach) believes it is important to develop a good relationship with clients and have solid communication, though he says, this differs from client to client, as some people are more reserved than others.

“Honesty and trust are key. These two elements allow me to do my job as a coach in the most effective way. Nutrition and training advice is one thing, but a coach’s true job, well for my clientele, at least, is that of a problem solver. A lot of my role is working with the behavioural and psychological aspects of weight loss and helping people work through the barriers preventing them from losing weight long-term and keeping it off”.”

Top 10 Personal Trainers/Coaches in South Africa

3. How to Hire the Right Personal Trainer

This article is your essential checklist when you are on a hunt for a personal trainer. Some trainers look like they themselves need a trainer, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t possess the right knowledge to help you nail your goals. Don’t be fooled by outward appearances when it comes to picking the right personal trainer.

Major Takeaway – “Observe the trainers when they are working with their current clients. You would be surprised at how many trainers I have seen who do not respect their client’s time. I have seen trainers who spend half the time chit-chatting with the client or with the people around them. There are also trainers who don’t pay attention to the client and are constantly texting on the phone. I have also seen trainers who are impressively engaged with their clients. A great and professional trainer will focus their attention on the client during their paid-for sessions.”

4. Understanding CrossFit with Alan Foulis

People have quite strong opinions about how terrible CrossFit is. The sport is constantly ridiculed. If you belong to any fitness group on social media, you may have come across the negative vibes that ooze off CrossFit. I don’t jump on every opinion wagon that passes my way. I like to be well informed on a subject and so a  101 CrossFit discussion with a professional is one that I sought soon after establishing Fitness Chat. Alan Foulis explained in detail what CrossFit was all about and genuinely answered questions about the Sport. This post is a must read if you have any questions about CrossFit, and why it is said to cause injuries.

Injuries are a part of the physical activity, and I can say honestly CrossFit experiences no more than any other sport I have played. What has perpetuated the injury debate is the combination of social media and people trying to perform CrossFit outside of a CrossFit box without correct coaching or supervision. However, in the same breath all coaches aren’t as focused on safety as others, so in my opinion, there are no unsafe movements in CrossFit, just poor coaching. It is important to stay within your limits when you start CrossFit and know that even though someone else in the class is lifting more than you, they may have been training longer than you have. It is your journey, not your crash course, so enjoy it ?”

5. What Essential Supplements Should You Be Taking?

Do you ever get lost in the supplements maze? If yes, then this article will sort that puzzle out for you. I interviewed world-renowned product formulator and researcher, Don Gauvreau, also known as the supplement Godfather- the man behind  Ripped Freak and Ripped Femme products. Don gave qualified insight on what really are essential supplements and why you should be taking them.

Major Takeaway – “Essential oils such as fish or flaxseed are quite good as Don explained but he also added that these don’t necessarily need to be supplemented as they can be obtained through food if one’s diet is bang on. “A lot of people though such as builders and fitness competitors, have restricted because of the very lean meats that they have to eat. They do not really t get a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their diet so they can supplement with the oils”.”

6. How to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Two of the most asked questions, especially by women when it comes to body image, is, ‘how to get rid of cellulite’ or how to get rid of stretch marks’. This is probably asked because they have tried different things that claim to work in getting rid of these two issues. The truth is you can’t get rid of neither and so it becomes a matter of reducing the appearance only. Remedies I have tried and are proven to work are sweetly explained in this article.

Major Takeaway – “When it comes to reducing my stretchmarks, I swear by Palmers Cocoa Butter. The smell of cocoa butter is not really flattering but who cares, it does the job I need it to do. I have however noticed that a few weeks after I stop using cocoa butter, my stretch marks become more colourful but not in an attractive way. I had in the past tried Bio-Oil which a lot of people recommend for stretch marks, but it did absolutely nothing for me and my condition. I, therefore, would say that you have to find what works for your skin. Maybe Bio-Oil might work for you and cocoa butter may not.”

How to get rid of cellulite

7. Running Safety Tips – How To Stay Safe When Running Alone

A woman called Kelly Heron was attacked during a run in the park. She shared on Instagram how she fought her way out of the attack. She played a major role in inspiring me to write the article. The running safety tips in this article may just save your life one day.

Major Takeaway – Run in an area that has a fair amount of people. You are less likely to be attacked in an area with a good amount of human traffic than in an isolated environment. Predators thrive in places where their deeds will not leave witnesses.

8.  How to Get your Body in Shape after Pregnancy

The article was authored by Carmen Douglas-Kilfoil, a specialist in postpartum training. It is easy to feel the pressure that has been created by Instagram celeb moms who show off abs whilst pregnant or just weeks to days, after giving birth. Those expectations are unrealistic and Carmen explains why.

Major Takeaway – “Here’s a fact that no one ever really mentions. Physiologically, the human female body is only fully recovered from giving birth, 18-24 months after the birth has taken place. Yes, that long. This includes hormone levels stabilising, physical body recovery and emotional and psychological changes. Remember too, that it took nine months to get the end result, a baby (or more if you carried multiples). So how can you possibly expect a reversal of that, almost instantly?”

9. Gym Dos and Don’ts – Your Gym Etiquette Guide

This is a guide on gym etiquette for people stepping into the gym for the first time. It is also a guide for obnoxious people in the gym.  After reading this article, the confidence levels of gym newbies shoot up tremendously. If hitting the gym will be one of your resolutions for the New Year, you better bookmark this article. Be nice to others in the gym and they will be nice to you too.

Major Takeaway – “Please do not leave your sweat on the machine or bench. Either wipe the equipment down when you are done or lay your towel on the surface before use. It really can’t be any clearer than this.”


This post went viral almost the instant it was published. This is proof that constant fitness motivation is much needed in large doses. The post features a collection of the world best workout motivation quotes with images which are optimised for Pinterest. Currently, over 50,000 people have so far shared this fitness inspiration filled blog post.

Major Takeaway – “A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects you worked hard for it, no money can buy it. You cannot borrow it, you cannot inherit it, you cannot steal it. You cannot hold onto it without constant work. It shows discipline, it shows self-respect, it shows patience, work ethic and passion. That is why I do what I do.”-Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Top Fitness Chat Blog Posts

As you can see, Fitness Chat has laid a solid foundation as one of the best upcoming fitness blogs to look out for in South Africa. Thank you, everyone, for the continued support.

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  • i couldn’t agree more with the Getting your Body Back after pregnancy. It does take 18 to 24 months for a woman’s body to recover, so why is that we give ourselves such unrealistic expectations. These are all great posts. I’ve book marked a few to come back to later.

  • Definitely needed this – especially with the holidays coming up, I can’t help but eat all the food that’s presented to me! I think my main issue is really maintaining the weight loss, so I’m glad you highlighted that.

  • I enjoy reading your posts because I learn a lot about fitness from it, not just the basic exercises! I’ve read most of these and they’re really helpful, especially for beginners!

  • I love that you have an article about running alone. I live in a populated city, so running should be safe. But the mentally ill population of homeless people in my neighborhood has really grown in the last year. And after a crazy person chased me to my home while I was walking my dog one morning, I stopped feeling safe while running. So I’m sure this article can be helpful to lots of women like me.

  • I absolutely agree weight loss should be a lifestyle not a fast trick or gimmick. I dropped from 260 pounds down to 150 by simply changing my eating choices. I was diagnosed diabetic and that scared the crap out of me. So I took a nutrition class and started changing my life, exercise became a part of my day not a torture. Health food became what I craved,. No pills no easy out. When I first started even walking 10 min exhausted me but I kept going. I love finding posts like yours because you keep me encouraged.

  • I definitely want to check out the pregnancy one. I had a baby 7 months ago in a very scary delivery that required an ICU stay, and I’m still recovering and have lost all the strength I used to have.

  • This year I lost a few pounds but not the right way so I’m hoping to tone up and gain some endurance. These are some great tips because I’m currently scouting out a trainer and ones i’ve had in the past were not a fit. And seeing people leave the machines sweaty at the gym is also another reason I need to have my own trainer at home.

  • I learned so much from your posts but I definitely enjoyed reading number one! I’ve been trying to get fit since the beginning of the year and I want to know what to do after I get to my target weight!

  • There is so much great information included in this post! We moved a couple of months ago and with that busy time I just stopped making an effort to prioritize exercise and cooking every night for my family. I definitely want to get back to focusing on my health.

  • Those sounds like cool blogs! I will check those out. My husband loves workouts to maintain his physically fit body. He will like these,

  • You produced such great content this year. I remember watching a segment on 60 minutes about Crossfit. it does seem like it’s a hot-button topic. I can see why people would get injured if they aren’t performing it properly in a certified center. I’m curious to give it a try one of these days to see what all the hype is about.

  • Those are so many valuable resources! Thank you so much for sharing. I know what I will be doing while getting home for Christmas – lots to read and get inspired for a super fit 2018 🙂

  • WOW, these are all great content pieces. It is incredible how much you can accomplish in a year. This is a great informative post, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us, really appreciate it.

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